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Working on my wedding with Val and Jim was effortless.  Val took the time to sit with me
and listen very carefully to what my ideas and wishes where regarding my upcoming
nuptials.  Val also accompanied me on all my visits to the vendors making me feel very
relaxed and also she was very insightful about my tastes which made it extremely simple to
make a decision.  

We planned our wedding in less than six months and with the help of Val and Jim
everything went fabulously from the recommendation of vendors to their professional ideas.
Even though Val and Jim where very professional during our times spent together through
the planning process, each meeting was filled with warmness and laughter. These two are so
down to earth, they make you feel as if you are a part of the family.  When I was a young
girl my mother passed away and it was very hard not having her here to help with the
planning; however, working with Val was so special to me. She really, I mean really listened
to me and spent that crucial one-on-one time making me feel so at ease and she was that
womanly advice that one would have received from their mother.  

When I was thinking of how during the ceremony we could remember mom she had this
incredible idea of giving my dad a single white Lily (which; without her knowledge,
happened to be the kind of flower my mom gave me occasionally on my birthdays) to him
when the pastor said, "Who gives this wom
an away?" When my dad responded, "Her mother
and I," I handed him the Lily. When that moment occurred sighs where quietly made of
compassion and that unique moment is all thanks to Val!  They carried out my vision
exactly to what I wanted.  

When I walked into the Grande Room at Genoa Lakes my mouth dropped at how elegant
and beautiful my centerpieces where from the romantic ambiance created from the
candelabras and tea lights to the small intricate details of the napkin rings.  Each and every
guest I visited with complimented on how stunning the evening was and how they where
really enjoying themselves.  I knew that working with Val and Jim I was never going to have
to stress over the details, that evening my husband and I felt so exceptional and where able
to really enjoy ourselves, they took care of everything.  Our wedding day was so
breathtaking, that I could have very well lived in that moment forever thanks to Val and Jim.

When asked now how the wedding went, I respond by saying it was so fabulous that I wish
we could do it again because it was such a remarkable occasion filled with so many
spectacular memories.  Every chance I get I inform people of my experience with Jim and Val,
referring them out and sharing with them how they poured their heart and soul into the
process of our wedding.  There's no question in my mind of who we would use when we plan
our next gathering.  I feel that I can't thank them enough for how hard they worked; as well
as, how kind they where through this whole experience, we are forever grateful for being
able to have had the opportunity to have Val and Jim be apart of our special day!!!  

With much appreciation and admiration,
Nicole and Jerry, 10/11/08

Weddings are known for being joyous occasions.  Yet, ironically, the burden of the event is
often weighed on the bride and groom, whom instead of enjoying their day, have to worry
about just about everything.  As someone who has once planned a wedding from scratch
and done it all myself, I can tell you the services of Val
erie Prather’s were beyond even our
highest expectations.

We’re always told that a wedding “is such a wonderful occasion” and there’s always the
implication that planning should be something equivalent to a wonderful walk through the
park – “isn’t it great?  You get to pick your flowers, you get to pick your cake!” but in reality,
it often ends up being the most stressful event in a young woman’s life.  

As the CEO of my own entertainment company, I’m used to being in charge and constantly
having to monitor every aspect of our productions.  This is one event I actually hoped to
enjoy, so I handed over the entire planning to Val Prather.  The only thing I had to do was
pick the colors, and she – literally – did the rest.  

From the layout of the location, down to the tiniest details, she took care of it all.  The
location ended up being a work of art. The wedding cupcakes were tiered to look like a cake
and adorned with fresh roses.  Even the napkins were tied with beautiful crystal wiring that
matched our wedding colors.

And did I mention the food?  Not only did our guests tell us it was the best wedding food
they’d ever had, but that it was simply some of the best food they’d ever had!  The shrimp
were gigantic, the salmon as tender as an angel’s kiss.  

To say Val is a “wedding planner” would almost be a misnomer.  In my opinion, she is closer
to an artist in her work.  You could almost consider her lucky, as she obviously enjoys what
she does.  And when someone just happens to be brilliant at what they love to do, then it’s
a benefit for anyone they work with.  I only wish Val knew how to run a camera, so I could
hire her myself!   

Karen and Ryan , 5/10/08

Weddings are difficult to plan because you only get married once, and therefore the
expectations are nothing short of perfect. When we chose The Entertainer to do our wedding
we felt secure that we could trust Jim and Valerie Prather with our big day.  The reason we
felt this way is because we could clearly tell they care about their clients. So much so that
every time we saw pictures of previous wedding’s, and heard entertaining stories about
them, it was like they were telling us about their own children’s weddings. To say the least,
Jim and Valerie very quickly felt like close relatives.

The Prathers made an excellent team to work with too. They owned a very successful
landscaping company for over 20 years and it shows in their ability to organize and carry
out detailed plans. Their role in helping us plan our wedding was key to our memorable
day. We live in Phoenix so we knew nobody, yet Valerie seemed to be on a first name basis
with some of the most talented vendors in the Tahoe area. Everyone that she found for us
surpassed our expectations by miles!

As Michelle and I look back on the planning and day of the wedding we thank the Lord for
the Prathers (The Entertainer) for being there for us. We had a great wedding and have no
regrets for hiring them to guide us though our wedding day. We look forward to working
with them again and will be using The Entertainer for anniversaries, and events to come.

THANK YOU Jim and Valerie!
Drew and Michelle, 6/8/08
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