Why Choose Us?
When we say “everything but the guest list,” we mean it. We are uniquely qualified to
coordinate your wedding and make this your special day.

We’ve been in this business since 1977. We have run hundreds of weddings large and
small. We have testimonials from happy couples and some
sample pictures from our

    We have a list of reliable vendors who have earned our repeat business. We
    use only the “tried and true” service providers that we know we can trust.
    They regard us and our clients with a high priority. When Summer arrives and
    the wedding industry is thriving, it’s nice to know you’re a high priority for
    the florist, caterer, baker and other service providers who you rely upon.

    We have our own inventory of tables, chairs and other props. This helps us
    lower costs and guarantee availability. You know that we will have enough
    tables, chairs and props to make sure your wedding runs smoothly. They are
    ours. In fact, some other vendors rent props from us.
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